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Published Tuesday May 26th, 2020

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St. Luke's looking 'bright and beautiful' after a fresh coat of paint this summer

175 years ago the people of Hubbards organized to build a church worthy of a growing and prosperous community. Saint Luke's Anglican Church, on a hill overlooking the head of Hubbards Cove, stands as a significant landmark.

As for many old church buildings, the cost of maintenance increases though the congregation gets smaller. The exterior was getting decidedly shabby. Several options were considered, including painting and vinyl siding. In the end we decided that the building should be maintained with its original finish, a painted shingled exterior in its distinctive white and black pattern.

The painting of the steeple in 2018, gift of a generous parishioner, got the project started. Donations to our, "Painting Fund," from several benefactors, some not of our congregation, allowed us paint the distinctive black trim and start other repairs.

This spring, year two of the project, found us with not enough in our, "Painting Fund," to finish the job. We decided to reach out to the community with a letter of appeal distributed to the Hubbards area. The campaign is ongoing. To date, 34 donors have contributed nearly $8000 to the painting effort.

St. Luke’s looking ‘bright and beautiful’ after a fresh coat of paint this summer

The painting is finished and paid for. We are now able to tackle some other exterior maintenance issues. The Parish Council covenants with the donors that all moneys raised in the campaign will be used exclusively for repair and maintenance of the exterior of the building and its approaches. Donations are held in the separate fund maintained for that purpose.

We are very appreciative of the support of the greater community in maintaining the Saint Luke's Church building. Your generosity has confirmed that the Church building is valued as a living landmark, a part of the heritage of this community. We offer our sincere thanks.

The fundraising campaign is ongoing. All donors will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year.

Submitted by Catheirn Chandler